How Long Can I Collect Disability Insurance Payments For?

Are you suffering from an illness or accident that is keeping you from working? If the bills are piling up, and savings running low then Social Security Disability Insurance payments may be a helpful option for you. Continue reading to answer common questions about the federal SSDI program.

What is SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a type of insurance that will help to cover the costs of your disability. Each state varies in how they assign these benefits, but they will evaluate each case based on the income sources and the nature of your condition. The program has many details regarding application deadlines, required evidence, and conditions that may get you disqualified.  Some people can find the process confusing as each state has slightly different requisites.  If you start to feel overwhelmed, the program allows for you to secure a Social Security Lawyer, and they actually pay the lawyer to represent you.   If you start feeling overwhelmed by the process, don’t worry there’s plenty of help available.

How Does SSDI Work?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federally mandated program that provides monthly cash benefits to people who meet specific work and earnings requirements and who are severely disabled. To receive SSDI, you must be insured for Social Security disability. There are two ways to qualify: (1) through your own work record or (2) by having a parent with work credits. Applicants for SSDI must have at least five years’ of civilian work experience and expect to be disabled for at least twelve months by a physical or mental condition that restricts their ability to engage in substantial gainful activity.

How Long Can I Collect SSDI Benefits?

You can convert your SSDI payment into a retirement benefit when you reach the full retirement age of 66 and 2 months – which will gradually increase to 67 over the next several years. SSDI payments typically remain the same up until the full retirement age is reached. If you have a spouse entitled to SSDI benefits, those benefits will also remain the same. It no longer depends on whether or not you have a disability status but is instead based on whether or not you are a retiree. 

In certain instances, you would not be eligible for SSDI if you were receiving workers’ compensation or if you were receiving public disability benefits from a government job for which you did not pay Social Security taxes. You may have to reduce your SSDI payment if you receive these additional benefits. At the age of full retirement, the reduction in your Social Security benefit will end, which means you will receive a higher benefit at that point.

Find A Social Security Lawyer

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is an extremely helpful source of income for people who cannot work because of a disability. Many people with disabilities rely on their SSDI payments as their primary source of income. 

We provide free case evaluations from a licensed social security lawyer in your zipcode who will help you determine whether you qualify and how to build the best case to make sure you get approved.  Use the form below to have someone contact you and help you better understand your case.

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